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This website is a legacy version of our current website located at: www.cityranked.com please visit us at our new website to get the most up to date information on our services.

At City Ranked we specialize in helping small businesses connect with people searching online.  One of our main goals is to help you understand how the internet works so that we can partner with you to effectively promote your businesses best qualities – giving you an edge over your competition.

We primarily work with businesses in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro areas – but service certain industries nationwide.  Being that we are from the Portland / Vancouver area, we understand the local market and the challenges local small businesses face.

Our proven online marketing strategies will help place your company online, in the right places, to connect you to people who are looking for what you provide.

Internet Marketing Thats Different

Internet Marketing For Small Business Thats Different From The Rest

Small Business Internet Advertising and Our Approach

As a small business owner you are no doubt aware that there are numerous choices out there when it comes to internet advertising.  Unfortunately the misconceptions regarding correctly advertising your business online are just a rampant.  You no doubt have been approached with “the best internet advertising” or “guaranteed first page” type sales pitches.

We believe in educating first.  Knowing how the search engines work, what factors they grade on, and how to correctly position your business helps to choose an internet marketing company with your best interests in mind.

You paid for it, so you keep it.  Sounds like a pretty simple idea right?  In the internet marketing world, it’s not always that way.  We believe that your internet strategy is like a home, you invest to build it, to bring you new customers and to protect your current customer base.  If you ever decide you want us to move out of it, no problem.  It’s your home, you own it.  Some other internet marketing companies will ask you to move out…because they own the home.

Local account management.  We are focused on your success, and the return that your internet marketing brings your business.  We have found that the only way we can ensure your success (and ours) is to conduct monthly in person meetings to discuss your internet marketing program and it’s continued advancement.

Thank you for visiting our blog.  If you decide you would like more information about our services as an Internet Marketing Agency serving the Portland and Vancouver metro area, and select industries nationwide, we invite you to visit our website, or visit our contact page on this blog.


Our Experience

We have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Optimization, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click Management, Landing Page Optimization, Link Building and other internet marketing strategies.

We manage many successful internet marketing campaigns. We do so through a holistic approach to building keyword based relevance for our clients websites and local listings to drive quality local organic traffic and augment that traffic with highly targeted and conversion ready paid traffic.

We invite you to visit our case studies page and client testimonials page to see what we have been able to accomplish for other small businesses here in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Then, when you are ready, we invite you to call, or fill out the form on our contact page to see what we can accomplish for you.

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